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Norbu Ghang Retreat  &  Spa

A bounteous luxury experience at Pelling overlooking the magnificence of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Exquisitely furnished accommodations, spacious lounge, and haute cuisine restaurant amidst a delightfully landscaped garden.

The Norbu Ghang Retreat & Spa is the newest addition to our celebrated chain and befitting its name, it offers luxurious accommodation and the best of views.

A well-manicured garden overlooking the scenic grandeur of the mountains greets you as you enter into the Norbu Ghang Retreat & Spa. The view encompasses our adjoining extended property of Norbu Ghang Resort amidst a bouquet of garden and greenery - truly a welcoming sight on your arrival. Norbu Ghang Retreat & Spa is stylistically modern but nevertheless has incorporated elements of traditional Sikkimese architecture allowing visitors the ambiance of Sikkimese culture within the surrounding. It’s delightful setting and luxurious furnishings offers exceptional comfort and an aura of bliss for the discerning traveller in quest of the very best.

Take home a momento of local handicrafts from our little shop named "Khyom" which is Sikkimese for gift.

Enjoy picturesque vista while you decide between a variety of freshly baked items and a selection of local must try dishes from the Cafe'.

Experience the traditional hot stone bath at "Menchu" which is unique to this region or choose from other massages that relax , rejuvenate and energize you.

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