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Norbu Ghang Hotels

Norbu Ghang is recognised as one of Sikkim's largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the founder of the hotel Mr.Pem Chozing the company opened its first property, The Norbu Ghang Hotel, Gangtok in 1992. Norbu Ghang, a symbol of Sikkimese hospitality, completed 21 years being one of the few pioneers and trusted name in the field of hospitality in Sikkim.

Over the years, Norbu Ghang has successfully promoted Tourism and Tourism related activities and products in West Sikkim. It also continues to promote traditional art and crafts which is richly displayed in its unique architecture of all its properties.

Norbu Ghang is committed to providing an exemplary service and experience to remember for it's guests. Welcome to the Jewel of the Gods!

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